by Nataraja Guru

 "An Integrated Science of the Absolute" is Nataraja Guru's commentary on Narayana Guru's major philosophical work, the Darsana Mala.

Narayana Guru
Nataraja Guru
For each of the ten Darsanas of the poem, he provides examples of its philosophical viewpoint: from the side of Indian Philosophy as well as from that of Western Philosophy and Science.
He covers a wide range of subjects, from a detailed critique of Einstein to Heidegger, Sartre, Descartes, Western and Islamic mysticism, as well as a survey of all the schools of Indian Philosophy and much more.

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Chapter 5
Introduction to Part 2


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Didhiti - the verses of the Darsana Mala with a short commentary directly inspired by the author, Narayana Guru:  
Didhiti 1: Commentary on Chapters 1 to 5.
Didhiti 2: Commentary on Chapters 6 to 7.